What is Photostream.TV?

Instant Professional Photos
Instant Professional Photos

This system has the ability to upload your professional photographers photos directly from their DSLR Camera.

Instant image delivery
Instant Delivery

When the photographer captures the photo they can scan the customers unique ID (RFID, QR, Barcode). This allows the system to notify the customer of their new image and instantly allow them to download and share their photos.

Website and facebook delivery
Link to your Website or Facebook

Your photographers photos are uploaded and made instantly available online for your customers to view. No more waiting days for the photographers to upload your images.

image quality control measures
Image Quality Control

There are multiple layers of quality checking available.
1. The photographer must check the images being uploaded firs.
2. There is an approvals page on the system where you can show or hide your public visible images.

specialised slide show to play venue content
Internal TV Slideshows and Zones

Our clients love the ability to instantly show tonight's photos on the TVs inside their venue in real time.
We have also given our clients the ability to show different images on different TVs. For example you have a function room that you only want to show a particular set of images, no problem.

This slideshow also controls the venues internal ads and upcoming event slides. The frequencies of each category can be tailored to the venues needs.
easily find all of your photos
Find your photos FAST.

If a customers QR was scanned and they follow the QR link to your album they will see their photos first followed by the rest of the event album.

custome message slides
Custom Messages

Our clients love the ability to create a custom message on top of an image. For example "Happy Birthday Ben" or a welcome message for a VIP.

Reliable network connectivity
Network Reliability

One factor that many people tend to forget is that when there are a lot of people in one data communication can often become an issue. This system is tested weekly in heavily crowded areas allowing us to ensure our system copes with the most congested cellular and wifi networks.

tech support
24/7 Tech support

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable system. If in the un-likely chance there are issues we will quickly rectify the issue via remote access and have you back on track in no time.
We have all experienced bad tech support too many times, we go above and beyond to rectify any issues.
Loss prevention: We also provide excellent safeguards against the very low chance that anything was to happen to your images, your customers photos are of the highest priority to us and we make sure that these have are never lost.

white label product
White Label

Our systems are designed to run hidden from view and work natively with your existing site.

customer accounts
Customer Accounts

If a customer creates an account with us we can asociate multiple tag IDs into 1 account allowing them to view all of the photos they have ever had captured with our system from one simple location.

ID tags and identification technologies
ID Solutions

We can produce or give advice for all of your customer ID needs.
We can produce single use QR Wristbands in house and supply multiple nightclubs that use our system in this way.
We can also work with existing systems. For example a Ski Pass RFID tag or a Room number at a resort.